Monday, August 18, 2008

Jeff's Bday

This picture was taken first thing in the morning!!!

Okay so by now, you have all realized that I am behind on all my posts. SO why should this one be any different?!
Last Saturday (Aug 9th) was my hubby's 31st birthday. The kids got him MLB 2K8 for PlayStation 3. I am not sure, if the gift was more for Jeff or for them. So of course, Jeff and the boys played the game ALL day Saturday, that Jeff didn't even pay attention when I told him that we had dinner reservations at 6:15 at the Brio. He finally started getting ready at 6pm. (Now all of you that know our family real well, know that we are ALWAYS on time, everywhere we go-YEAH RIGHT) We made it to dinner (late of course), and afterwards we went to see Ka at the MGM.
We had a really fun time. Dinner was delicious!!! I recommend it to everyone, and the show was AMAZING!!!!
Hubby, I know this is a little late, but I just want you to know how much I love you. You are a wonderful husband and father. We appreciate everything you do for our family. You are the hardest worker I know. Thank you for being the best provider and for taking such good care of us. We love you!!!


Laura-Phillip said...

Happy Belated B-Day Jeff

Kara said...

Marion I am such a bad friend. With my cancer surgery, going out of town, my big growing belly, and my tired self never invited you over to swim. Can't we ever get together gosh! Happy b-day Jeff!

Jen Rose said...

Happy Birthday Jeff! You guys are so cute. And, I love Brio too! We need to get together soon. The little stint at the water park didn't let us catch up!

Andrea, Joey, & Jackson Mott said...

happy birthday Jeff, I didn't know that his birthday was so close to mine. woot-woot for August b-days. hee hee. all of your idaho pics are way cute, glad you guys had a good time. we love Brio too Joey and I went there for Joeys birthday. yummo.

The Johnson Five said...

Happy birthday Jeff!!! Ya old man...he...he..just kidding! Isn't Ka good?? Love it!