Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of School!

Well... the first day of school, went great. This year our family has gone through a few changes. Drazen is a freshman at Sierra Vista HS, Braxton is in 6th grade at Faiss MS, Carlee is in 4th and Katie is in 1st grade at William Wright ES. ALL OF MY BABIES ARE IN SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!! I can't believe it. Jeff and I now have at least one child in elementary, middle and high school!! Where has the time gone??!!!
The kids all love school. They all have great teachers. I am very happy about that. And they are all doing great. Drazen is soooooooo busy, by the time he gets home, he just wants to take a shower, eat and go to bed. He starts his day off early. Jeff drives him and a couple of his buddies to seminary at 5:30am, then he has school from 7-1:30pm, and then baseball practice from 1:30-5pm.
Braxton has joined a baseball club team. He really wanted to try out all summer and we finally gave in. That is super busy, but good busy. He is really enjoying it.
Carlee is in gymnastics, and loving it. Right now it's recriational, but she is really hoping to do eventually end up in competetive soon.
Katie is still in ballet, and she loves it.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Del Mar - Part 2!!!

Del Mar '09!!!

Kristen and I have been trying to go to the beach basically ALL summer!!!! Our wish finally came true, and last week we packed up our families for a five day trip to good ole' Del Mar!!!! We had a BLAST to say the least!!!!A few nicknames were born at the beach. LaJolla and Munchies were just a couple during our "friendly" games of hearts!!! The weather was GREAT, kids were FANTASTIC, and everyone had FUN!!!!! What more could you ask for???!!!!! Our daily routine was to get up, eat breakfast, put on bathing suits, get COVERED in sunblock, make lunches and go down to the beach!!!! Boogey boarding, and jumping the waves of course was a must on daily basis. The kids loved making sand castles, and digging. Jeff of course fished, and even talked Ty into it. He now swears that Ty "loves fishing"!!!! On Tuesday we closed the beach DOWN!!!! We stayed there till about 7pm. After the beach, we would come upstairs, the kids and dads would go into the pool until dinner was ready, and then the kids would shower and put on their pj's. One day they even asked me why did they bother bringing any clothes if they are only wearing pj's.

Jeff's Bday!!!!

We also celebrated Jeffy's bday the same weekend as Katie's recital. It was very low key!!!!! We just made him breakfast, and then went swimming at my mom's. The kids got Jeff a fly tying kit with a book. Happy fishing Jeff!! Happy birthday hubby!!! Thanks for being the best hubby ever!! I love you very much.


Human tower

Ty and Kaya

Jeff with the kids (minus Carlee) and his fly tying kit

Peter Pan Recital

August 8th and 9th Katie had her dance recital!!! As usual Mrs. K puts on the BEST recital in town. She is truly amazing. Katie and her best friend Emily have been taking ballet classes from Mrs. K now for about a year and a half. This is her 3rd dance recital!!! The recitals are always at Nicholas Horn Theatre at CSN Cheyenne campus. They usually have 2-3 dress rehersals there the week of the recital. Mrs. K is very serious about this, and it shows during the recital. This year's theme was Peter Pan. Katie was a fairy. It was a lot of fun, and she loved it!!!!
And thank you aunt Jen, Miles, grandma Mira and Kaya for coming to it!!!!

Kinder graduation/Little Red Hen play!

Our baby girl, Katie-bird graduated kindergarten August 6th. The day her kindergarten class had a Little Red Hen play in their classroom. It was so CUTE!!! Ms. Kern did such good job. The kids practiced it for a month or so, and had to have their lines memorized. Katie was one of the chickens.

On Thursday, August 6th was Katie's kindergarten graduation. I can't believe that my baby is now a first grader. Time flies!!!! She had an amazing 1st year in school. She had a great teacher, and made lots of friends. Well, she knew most of her classmates from church, and pre-school. Katie is growing up to be such a fun, smart, outgoing, fun girl. She loves school, and loves hanging out with her friends. Katie we are so proud of you!!!!

Katie and her BFF Emily

End of the school year!

Well, July has been a busy month for us. Drazen continued with legion ball for most of the month. Braxton and Carlee finished school. Braxton graduated from 5th grade and is moving up to middle school in the fall. (I can't believe it) He had a great year, with a great teacher, Ms. Dean. It was also her last year teaching, as she moved to Fine E.S. to be a librarian. Braxton finished the school year with straight A's. We are so proud of you Braxton and of all of your accomplishments in elementary school. You are a great young man, and we love you so much.
Carlee finished 3rd grade this year. She had Mrs. Schroeder. She is an amazing teacher. She was also Braxton's teacher for 3rd grade. Carlee couldn't wait to have her. She is so cute, fun, and most importantly a GREAT teacher!!!!! I absolutely love her and can't wait for Katie to be in 3rd grade!!!(anyone that needs a good 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Schroeder comes HIGHLY recommended!!!))) Carlee had a great year. We are so proud of you Carlee. You are growing up to be such a fun, beautiful, smart, funny young lady. We are so proud of you. Carlee also finished the year off with straight A's.