Friday, August 21, 2009

Kinder graduation/Little Red Hen play!

Our baby girl, Katie-bird graduated kindergarten August 6th. The day her kindergarten class had a Little Red Hen play in their classroom. It was so CUTE!!! Ms. Kern did such good job. The kids practiced it for a month or so, and had to have their lines memorized. Katie was one of the chickens.

On Thursday, August 6th was Katie's kindergarten graduation. I can't believe that my baby is now a first grader. Time flies!!!! She had an amazing 1st year in school. She had a great teacher, and made lots of friends. Well, she knew most of her classmates from church, and pre-school. Katie is growing up to be such a fun, smart, outgoing, fun girl. She loves school, and loves hanging out with her friends. Katie we are so proud of you!!!!

Katie and her BFF Emily

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