Friday, August 21, 2009

End of the school year!

Well, July has been a busy month for us. Drazen continued with legion ball for most of the month. Braxton and Carlee finished school. Braxton graduated from 5th grade and is moving up to middle school in the fall. (I can't believe it) He had a great year, with a great teacher, Ms. Dean. It was also her last year teaching, as she moved to Fine E.S. to be a librarian. Braxton finished the school year with straight A's. We are so proud of you Braxton and of all of your accomplishments in elementary school. You are a great young man, and we love you so much.
Carlee finished 3rd grade this year. She had Mrs. Schroeder. She is an amazing teacher. She was also Braxton's teacher for 3rd grade. Carlee couldn't wait to have her. She is so cute, fun, and most importantly a GREAT teacher!!!!! I absolutely love her and can't wait for Katie to be in 3rd grade!!!(anyone that needs a good 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Schroeder comes HIGHLY recommended!!!))) Carlee had a great year. We are so proud of you Carlee. You are growing up to be such a fun, beautiful, smart, funny young lady. We are so proud of you. Carlee also finished the year off with straight A's.

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