Monday, June 1, 2009

Drazen's new DO!!!

Drazen has been telling me for a couple of months, that he wants to cut his hair right before high school. Well, that time came last week and I couldn't be happier!!!! Haha
Since now he plays for Sierra Vista's Legion baseball, he decided it was time to cut his hair. Everyone on the team has short hair, and a couple of juniors told him that if he also wants to play spring ball, and get in good with the coaches he should cut it. The coaches don't like long hair!!!! (music to my ears, it has been a long four years) He is so handsome no matter what, but doesn't this haircut make him SOOOO handsome????!!! He was so excited to go to school the next day and show it off, and after school said that ALL the girls LOVED it!!! Oh, no!!!


Braxton is pitching!!!

Since Jeff has been coaching Braxton's team, he has been working with Braxton on his pitching. He has really been wanting to have Braton pitch!!!! Braxton pitched a few of the games this season, and is really doing a great job!!! He loves pitching, and is really LOVING baseball!!!!
On Saturday was his first playoff game. Even though our team lost (thanks to a HORRIBLE call made by a BLIND umpire, that cost us the game), Braxton DID an OUTSTANDING job pitching. I am so proud of him. He only pitched two innings (Jeff doesn't like the kids to pitch a lot, because they are still young and he doesn't want to hurt their arm) he had 22 pitches TOTAL, and a NO HITTER!!!!! How AWESOME IS THAT!!!!!!!!! He struck everyone out, except one fly ball that he caught, and walked a kid, that got out!!!!! WOOHOO Braxton!!!! He ws really proud of himself also. Now he keeps asking us, if he can try out for a club team.
And I thought baseball was going to be over for a couple of months!!! YEAH RIGHT!!!!(these are not the best pictures, but I only had my phone on me!!!)

Memorial Day Weekend!

This year, we decided to drive up to Orem for Memorial Day Weekend. We left Friday morning, after Braxton's softball game against the teachers at school. Jeff was so mad that he was missing a whole day of fishing on Friday, but oh well, we have priorities, right?! We were at Brad and Mel's from Friday until Monday. We had a pretty relaxing but fun weekend. Joyce and Tony also came down and brought Neuman. ( a little bonus for my boys) The kids had so much fun just playing in their backyard. On Sunday, Jeff and I took the kids for a drive up Provo Canyon, and to a park up there. It ws so nice. The weather was great. On Monday, while Jeff and Brad took Drazen and Braxton golfing, Katie, Carlee and I went to IKEA, because a trip to Utah (or anywehere with an IKEA for that matter) wouldn't be complete without a little IKEA shopping.
Thanks Brad and Mel for hosting us. We had a lot of fun.