Thursday, December 18, 2008

A few more pictures of our Winter Wonderland!!!


How about that??? Yesterday was a day of surprises!!!! It snowed ALL day here in Vegas!!!! Yes in LAS VEGAS!!!! When it first started sticking to the ground, I thought I better capture this on my camera before it melts, but IT NEVER MELTED!!!!! YAY!!!! The kids immediatley went outside, and played for hours. By late afternoon, we had a good 4-6 inches on the ground. The kids made a snowman, went sledding down our driveway, Drazen thought it would be cool to attach his snowboard to a bike and have someone pull him, all the kids and adults on my street had a snowball fight and just enjoyed our WINTER WONDERLAND in LAS VEGAS!!!!! How crazy is that?! Every time I looked out of my window, and saw that everything was covered with a blanket of snow, I thought I needed to get pinched to wake up from a dream.
An hour ago, the news announced that today is -- wait get this - "AN OFFICIAL SNOW DAY FOR ALL KIDS THAT ATTEND SCHOOLS IN LAS VEGAS!!!! Never in a million years did I think I would EVER hear those words while living in LAS VEGAS!!!!Crazy??? Yeah, a little!!!!!!!!!! Too bad this didn't happen next Wednesday and Thursday!!!
For all of our family that doesn't live in LV, see we can have a white winter in Vegas!!! Haha

Sunday, December 14, 2008

December - Already???!!!

I can't believe that we are already in the middle of December. Where does the time go??? I really wanted to just enjoy the month of December, but it seems like we have been busy than ever.
Carlee and Braxton ran in the LV Kids Marathon last Saturday. They did great. They have been running with a group of kids from church for the past 11 weeks, two days a week to get ready, and then the last stretch they ran at the marathon. Thanks Suzanne and Cheryl for putting the whole thing together. The kids really enjoyed themselves. That same day, Braxton had his Robotics club competition at Cimarron Memorial H.S. in the morning and we had to rush to the marathon at Mandalay Bay. Drazen had his last baseball game in Boulder City that morning also. It was one of those days. But it's all over, and the kids loved all of their activities and had a good time!!! I guess that is all that matters.
We put up our Christmas tree, and decorated the inside of the house. (Jeff mentioned decorating outside, but we'll see) We also took the kids to a little Christmas activity in Summerlin last week. That was a lot of fun. They had pony (reindeer) rides, Santa, train rides, characters walking around, caroling, indoor activities. It was a lot of fun!!!
We are excited for Christmas though.


This post is a little late!! But I guess, better late than never!!!
This year we spent Thanksgiving in Orem with all of Jeff's family. We had a great time. We cooked,the big boys played basketball, played games, ate, shopped,attempted to take family photos, hung out and just relaxed!!! What more could you ask for?! The kids loved spending time with all of their cousins!!! The weather was GREAT (I wanted snow) so the kids were outside most of the time.
Thanks Brad and Mel for hosting all of us (and thanks Marshall for letting Jen's and our family stay in your "suite")!!! It was fun!!!

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