Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Monday was the first day of school. I am not sure if I want to smile or cry!! Drazen is now in 8th grade!! Yes, that is 8th grade!!! That makes me feel SOO old!! Braxton is in 5th grade, Carlee is in 3rd, and our little Katie-bird started kindergarten this year. I can't believe it!!! Where does time go?! It's not fair, why can't they just stay small?!

Our first day went GREAT!!! Everyone was excited for school, and to see who was in their classes, and even Katie just waved good-bye to me. I was expecting tears, but she didn't have any. (I had a few)

Hope everyone's first day of school was GREAT!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Jeff's Bday

This picture was taken first thing in the morning!!!

Okay so by now, you have all realized that I am behind on all my posts. SO why should this one be any different?!
Last Saturday (Aug 9th) was my hubby's 31st birthday. The kids got him MLB 2K8 for PlayStation 3. I am not sure, if the gift was more for Jeff or for them. So of course, Jeff and the boys played the game ALL day Saturday, that Jeff didn't even pay attention when I told him that we had dinner reservations at 6:15 at the Brio. He finally started getting ready at 6pm. (Now all of you that know our family real well, know that we are ALWAYS on time, everywhere we go-YEAH RIGHT) We made it to dinner (late of course), and afterwards we went to see Ka at the MGM.
We had a really fun time. Dinner was delicious!!! I recommend it to everyone, and the show was AMAZING!!!!
Hubby, I know this is a little late, but I just want you to know how much I love you. You are a wonderful husband and father. We appreciate everything you do for our family. You are the hardest worker I know. Thank you for being the best provider and for taking such good care of us. We love you!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


While I was at Girls Camp, Jeff took the kiddies to Rexburg to visit his parents. I left Camp early and flew up on Friday, August 1st. I was really sad to leave camp, but I was so excited to go and see my family. We had a great time. We took the kids to Yellowstone, since we've never been there, and it's only a couple of hours away from his parents' house. The drive there was beautiful and we had a great time in Yellowstone. The picture of Carlee really captures what a great time she had in Yellowstone. She complained the WHOLE day. She didn't want to be in the car, she didn't want to be in Wyoming, she didn't want to be in Montana, (you get the picture) !!!!
On Saturday, there was an International Dance Festival at a park in Rexburg, that Amy really wanted all of us to go to. We stayed there for a couple of hours. There were folk dancers from about 10 different countries teaching a dance to whoever was brave enough to go up and learn. Okay, so Amy and I did go and dance once!!! And our kids all went up once and learned a routine from the US hip-hop team. They had a great time. They were all so into it, it was so funny to watch them. I actually forgot to take my camera to Idaho, so I borrowed my in-laws to capture some of those dance moves.

Idaho was fun, thanks Tony and Joyce for letting us come and visit you, and spend time with you, we can't wait to come back up!!!! Amy, it was fun hanging out for a couple of days, before you left on your trip.

Girls Camp

July 28th-August 2nd, was our Stake's Girls Camp. As much as I dreaded going, I went and loved every minute of it. Despite a leader breaking her ankle, a funeral and LOTS of pranking, Girls Camp was GREAT!!!!!!! Kendra, our Stake Camp Director, is great. She did an outstanding job planning everything. I was her assistant, but at times I really felt like a slacker, and now I feel really bad for that. I can't believe how strong the spirit is at camp. All the girls have such a strong testimony of the gospel, it's great. I was taught a lot at camp this year.

We had a great time. We had some powerful evening firesides, moonlight hike, testimony meetings, workshops, zip line, archery, pranks, movie night, fashion show, etc. Michelle Kessler and Marci Morgan came and sang at one of our firesides, and it was wonderful. They have such great voices.
Michelle as you can see had a lot of fun on the zipline as well.

Katie's Dance Recital

I know, it's been a while since I last posted. It has been a BUSY summer for us. I can't believe we are at the tail end of it. Where does the time go????
Between baby showers, dance recitals, Girls Camp and Idaho, I just haven't had time.
While Amy and the kids were down, we had a surprise baby shower for Jen. Those of you who know Jen, know that she hates surprises, so we had to plan a surprise shower. We had the hardest time making plans with her, because she wanted to know everything, and then tried telling us that she was going camping the weekend of her shower. Ty had to get involved and told her that he needed her to do a project for a client with him that weekend, of course that kept her in town!!! It was hard work!!!!!
Katie had a dance recital in July at CSN Cheyenne campus. The recital was wonderful, but all the rehersals and dress rehersals almost drove me over the edge. The week of the recital, which was a 2 day recital, we had rehersals on stage at CSN Monday afternoon, Wednesday from 3:30pm-4:00pm and again at 8pm, and Thursday from 5-8pm. Now, you all know where we live!!! I think I complained every single day!!!!!! But in the end, it was WELL worth it. They put on a great production!!!!!!