Saturday, August 16, 2008

Girls Camp

July 28th-August 2nd, was our Stake's Girls Camp. As much as I dreaded going, I went and loved every minute of it. Despite a leader breaking her ankle, a funeral and LOTS of pranking, Girls Camp was GREAT!!!!!!! Kendra, our Stake Camp Director, is great. She did an outstanding job planning everything. I was her assistant, but at times I really felt like a slacker, and now I feel really bad for that. I can't believe how strong the spirit is at camp. All the girls have such a strong testimony of the gospel, it's great. I was taught a lot at camp this year.

We had a great time. We had some powerful evening firesides, moonlight hike, testimony meetings, workshops, zip line, archery, pranks, movie night, fashion show, etc. Michelle Kessler and Marci Morgan came and sang at one of our firesides, and it was wonderful. They have such great voices.
Michelle as you can see had a lot of fun on the zipline as well.

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Alli Waldron said...

It's nice to see you decided to join the blogging world again. From the pictures and what Jennie told me, it sounds like camp was great. Although I must say that I don't wish I were there ;)