Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Monday was the first day of school. I am not sure if I want to smile or cry!! Drazen is now in 8th grade!! Yes, that is 8th grade!!! That makes me feel SOO old!! Braxton is in 5th grade, Carlee is in 3rd, and our little Katie-bird started kindergarten this year. I can't believe it!!! Where does time go?! It's not fair, why can't they just stay small?!

Our first day went GREAT!!! Everyone was excited for school, and to see who was in their classes, and even Katie just waved good-bye to me. I was expecting tears, but she didn't have any. (I had a few)

Hope everyone's first day of school was GREAT!!!


The Johnson Five said...

Holy're an empty nester...well during the day at least! ha..ha...Katie looks just like you!

Heiselbetz fam said...

I can't believe all your kids are in school! Crazy! The girls look so cute!

panonia girl said...

Hi, Marian, all kids are great! I haven't seen them not even in the pictures for a long time.
Mom's tears are understandable, no small kids anymore!!!

P.S. excuse my broken English, I don't have any drill

Melissa Anderson said...

My girls looked so cute in their skirts! Is birdie still just loving school? Too bad you didn't come up this weekend! Hopefully we'll see ya soon. Miss you guys!

jelly said...

Time flies when you're having fun! I can't believe how grown up the kids are looking, sure a bunch of cuties. Love to you all, Aunt J

The Joy and Brenton Team said...

8th grade! And our boys are in 5th. Holy Cow Marian where have these years gone!! Your kids are beautiful. Next time you go to Rexburg you should stop in Star Valley WY - It would be fun seeing you guys.