Thursday, July 22, 2010

Scout Camp

Drazen and Braxton left for Del Webb Scout Camp Monday morning. It's Braxton's first time going camping for a whole week. It should be interesting how he does. He worries me a little. I had to make sure to call his leader to let him know Braxton wears contacts, and if he could please make sure that he takes them out every night with CLEAN hands!!! (I know I am a little protective, what can I say)
Drazen went to High Adventure Camp at Del Webb. He was really excited about it. They were hiking every day, and I guess by the end of camp they will have hiked 30 miles. His backpack was Huge and HEAVY. He had everything he needed for a week of camp with him, including his tent. Thank you to uncle Scott for letting us borrow the backpack, tent, etc.
They will be back on Saturday. And I have to say it has been pretty quite around here. Girls have nobody to fight with, or anyone to tease them.
But we sure do miss those boys, and can't wait for them to come home!!!!

Brianhead/Strawberry Point

Last weekend we went to Brianhead with the other Andersons. We had a great time as usual. It was very relaxing, despite it being a VERY short trip!!! Jeff, the girls and I left late to get there. We only had Saturday to do anything. We played hearts, BANG. We drove to Duck Creek for Duck Creek Days. WOW, that place was packed!!! I had never seen so many ATV's. The kids had a great time. Drazen, Braxton, Katie and Kaya even rode the bull. We then drove to my aunt and uncles cabin in Strawberry Point. As always that was a lot of fun. The kids four wheeled, and we all just hung out. Jeff and Ty went fishing and to meet up with Scott. (It can't be a trip to UT without Jeff getting in at least a couple of hours of fishing) On their way back to the condo, they had a flat on my car. It just added to our weekend. On Thursday evening, my battery died, and we had to get a new one. Sunday morning, on our way home, we of course stopped in Cedar to buy 4 new tires.
We had a great weekend as alwyas. All the kids have so much fun there. They all get along really well, which always helps.

Bull Rides - KATIE!!!!

Bull Rides - BRAXTON!!!

Bull Rides - DRAZEN!!!!

4th of July

This year for the 4th,we stayed in LV, and celebrated Anderson style, with Kaya's baptism, swimming, and of course a fireworks show.
On Saturday, Kaya was baptized. It was really nice. Kaya is so sweet, and we are so proud of her. After the baptism we went to Ty and Kristen's for a family dinner. It was so much fun, just hanging out with family.
On Sunday (4th), after church, we all went to Jen and Scott's for a little bit of swimming. Everyone had a great time until Mel hit her head. Luckily, she was okay. But that was pretty much everyone's cue to get out of the pool, well except the kids. After that, we ordered pizza and went to my house for our fireworks show. Ty, Jeff and Brad did a great job keeping us entertained. The kids had a BLAST!!! Brea, I think had the most fun. She was so excited, she was about to jump out of her skin. Our firework show probably lasted about 45 minutes to an hour. We did miss the Brown family during our weekend festivities. Next year Browns, you are staying with us!! haha

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

4th of July-Part 2

This video is very dark!!! Brea had a GREAT time during the firework show!!!