Thursday, December 18, 2008


How about that??? Yesterday was a day of surprises!!!! It snowed ALL day here in Vegas!!!! Yes in LAS VEGAS!!!! When it first started sticking to the ground, I thought I better capture this on my camera before it melts, but IT NEVER MELTED!!!!! YAY!!!! The kids immediatley went outside, and played for hours. By late afternoon, we had a good 4-6 inches on the ground. The kids made a snowman, went sledding down our driveway, Drazen thought it would be cool to attach his snowboard to a bike and have someone pull him, all the kids and adults on my street had a snowball fight and just enjoyed our WINTER WONDERLAND in LAS VEGAS!!!!! How crazy is that?! Every time I looked out of my window, and saw that everything was covered with a blanket of snow, I thought I needed to get pinched to wake up from a dream.
An hour ago, the news announced that today is -- wait get this - "AN OFFICIAL SNOW DAY FOR ALL KIDS THAT ATTEND SCHOOLS IN LAS VEGAS!!!! Never in a million years did I think I would EVER hear those words while living in LAS VEGAS!!!!Crazy??? Yeah, a little!!!!!!!!!! Too bad this didn't happen next Wednesday and Thursday!!!
For all of our family that doesn't live in LV, see we can have a white winter in Vegas!!! Haha


Melissa Anderson said...

Oh how fun! The kids just loved it huh? I should try to have more of an additude like them and be more excited while it snows here instead of just depressed! I love the snowman!

Looks like Katie needs a new snow coat for Christmas.J/K Then again who am I to talk London doesn't even have one that is too small to wear in the snow and I live in Utah. said...

Snow here too in ST. George!!!!

Onala said...

Marian, Oh my gosh! You don't know how many times I have thought about you and your family! Is Amy still in Rexburg?? Your kids are so grown up, it looks like you are doing good. We are planning on coming down to Vegas probably in March, but keep in touch with me anyway. Does Amy still have the same cell phone number? Thanks for finding me!