Monday, June 1, 2009

Braxton is pitching!!!

Since Jeff has been coaching Braxton's team, he has been working with Braxton on his pitching. He has really been wanting to have Braton pitch!!!! Braxton pitched a few of the games this season, and is really doing a great job!!! He loves pitching, and is really LOVING baseball!!!!
On Saturday was his first playoff game. Even though our team lost (thanks to a HORRIBLE call made by a BLIND umpire, that cost us the game), Braxton DID an OUTSTANDING job pitching. I am so proud of him. He only pitched two innings (Jeff doesn't like the kids to pitch a lot, because they are still young and he doesn't want to hurt their arm) he had 22 pitches TOTAL, and a NO HITTER!!!!! How AWESOME IS THAT!!!!!!!!! He struck everyone out, except one fly ball that he caught, and walked a kid, that got out!!!!! WOOHOO Braxton!!!! He ws really proud of himself also. Now he keeps asking us, if he can try out for a club team.
And I thought baseball was going to be over for a couple of months!!! YEAH RIGHT!!!!(these are not the best pictures, but I only had my phone on me!!!)

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Melissa Anderson said...

Yay! Go Braxton! That is awesome!