Monday, June 1, 2009

Drazen's new DO!!!

Drazen has been telling me for a couple of months, that he wants to cut his hair right before high school. Well, that time came last week and I couldn't be happier!!!! Haha
Since now he plays for Sierra Vista's Legion baseball, he decided it was time to cut his hair. Everyone on the team has short hair, and a couple of juniors told him that if he also wants to play spring ball, and get in good with the coaches he should cut it. The coaches don't like long hair!!!! (music to my ears, it has been a long four years) He is so handsome no matter what, but doesn't this haircut make him SOOOO handsome????!!! He was so excited to go to school the next day and show it off, and after school said that ALL the girls LOVED it!!! Oh, no!!!



Marci Morgan said...

I love it!! We just paid Jacob 5 bucks to cut his hair off! He looks so much better!!! I love it!

The Johnson Five said...

Holy cow..he's a new man! Ha..ha..We all knew Drazen was handsome before...but now?? WOW!!! I love're gonna be fightin the ladies off!

Rachel said...

I love his hair short too. Tell him it looks great!