Monday, July 13, 2009

Katie's 1st science project, and letter people party!!!!

Katie had a science project due in kindrgarten this month. At first, I kwas a little hesitant about having a kindergartener doing a science project, but it actually turned out really cute. They had to pick out an insect to learn more about. There was a fact sheet that she had to fill out. Katie picked out a ladybug. We learned a lot about them. It was kind of neat. Then we made a ladybug out of poster board. Last Thursday, Katie had to present her report in front of the whole class. She read the report, and then she had to answer 6-7 questions from her classmates about her insect. She did so good. I am so proud of her.

On Friday, they had their Letter People Party!!!! Each child ws supposed to pick out a letter they wanted to be, and dress up. Katie picked out Mr. C for Ctton Candy!!!! We cut out 2 big C's out of poster board. One for front of her shirt and one for the back. We then decided to glue cotton candy to her shirt. By the time, the glue dried, most of the cotton candy was melted. So we decided to glue cotton balls!!! And VOILA, it worked great!!! She looked so cute going to school like that. But by the end of the school day, she was soooo done with that shirt. She wanted to change soooooooo bad!!!! And I think Ms. Kern is such an awesome teacher. Katie has really learned a lot this year.

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