Monday, July 27, 2009

Girls weekend/Boys weekend

This past weekend I was able to have Girls weekend with just my two girls. The boys went with some friends to an Angels game in Anaheim.
We had so much fun. We slept in on Saturday, and then got ready, picked up my mom, and went to the mall for some school shopping and to go to Build A Bear. Carlee and Katie each got a new bear, and some new clothes for school. Dillard's had a "Kids Day", so they had activities. They had a hula hoop contest, with prizes (Webkinz accessories), face painting, drawing for a backpack, etc. After that we went to McDonald's for lunch, and then back to Grandma Mira's for swimming and dinner. We ended up swimming until about 9 p.m. It was so fun and relaxing.
On Sunday, we went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, with some friends. The movie was great, but it was LONG!!!!!

The boys went to Anaheim to an Angels game, with a friend of Drazen's and his dad. They had a great time, to say the least!!! Angels are Drazen and Braxton's FAVORITE team. And they had great seats. They sat in the 2nd and 3rd row from the field at 3rd base. And of course, got to see security in full action. I guess some guy went on the field, and got arrested immediately. Why do people have to be so dumb? That didn't phase these Angels fans though. Angels won the game.
After the game, they went to dinner, and some night swimming at the pool in their hotel. On Sunday, they just got up, had breakfast, and drove home.

This is a memorial for #34 Adenhart.


joellen said...

sounds like you all had a great weekend. nice to enjoy the things we like with the people we love:)

Taylor said...

I'm a little jealous of your girls' weekend! A weekend with my daughters is something I will NEVER have :)

The Johnson Five said...

How fun!! I'm so glad we ran into you at the mall! Your girls are BEAUTIFUL!!! They look like their mama!