Friday, August 21, 2009

Del Mar '09!!!

Kristen and I have been trying to go to the beach basically ALL summer!!!! Our wish finally came true, and last week we packed up our families for a five day trip to good ole' Del Mar!!!! We had a BLAST to say the least!!!!A few nicknames were born at the beach. LaJolla and Munchies were just a couple during our "friendly" games of hearts!!! The weather was GREAT, kids were FANTASTIC, and everyone had FUN!!!!! What more could you ask for???!!!!! Our daily routine was to get up, eat breakfast, put on bathing suits, get COVERED in sunblock, make lunches and go down to the beach!!!! Boogey boarding, and jumping the waves of course was a must on daily basis. The kids loved making sand castles, and digging. Jeff of course fished, and even talked Ty into it. He now swears that Ty "loves fishing"!!!! On Tuesday we closed the beach DOWN!!!! We stayed there till about 7pm. After the beach, we would come upstairs, the kids and dads would go into the pool until dinner was ready, and then the kids would shower and put on their pj's. One day they even asked me why did they bother bringing any clothes if they are only wearing pj's.

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