Sunday, May 2, 2010

And .... for girls there is gymnastics and ballet

Carlee and Katie are still enjoying doing what they love the most. Carlee is still in gymnastics, and Katie is still in ballet. Carlee actually tried out for Pre team, and instead ended up making Level 4 Prep. She will be in Level 4 in January and will start competing. She is SUPER excited about it. She is still at Brown's and loves every minute of it. She goes 3 days a week for 2 hours each day.
Katie is still going to ballet. She recently had RAD testing to move up. RAD is a Royal Academy of Dance test. Their headquarters are in London. All the scores after the test have to go through their offices here in the US and then get recorded with headquarters. This is serious business. She loves it though. She goes two days a week. She has a few friends she goes with so I am sure that makes it that much more fun.
All in all our girls are doing great. They are doing great in school, and in their activities.
This makes for Happy times at the Anderson house. And very busy times!!! Jeff and I are always on the go!!

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