Tuesday, June 1, 2010


We have been so busy that I just have not had time to update my blog. I am just going to post pictures of what we have done lately, that would include a LOT of baseball, ballet, gym, things going on at school, etc.
In the midst of everything going on, our boy Braxton turned 12 on April 21st. I can't believe that Braxton is already 12. WOW!!! He is a deacon and ready to pass the sacrament. He won't cut his hair yet, even though the whole baseball team made a pact to do so. We really didn't do much for his birthday. We went to dinner at Macayo's. (his favorite place) He and Jeff went shopping and he got a new baseball glove. That is all he wanted.
Braxton, Happy Birthday. We love you so much, even though you are at the age where your favorite words are "WOW" and "SO" (in a sarcastic way). Hopefully one day you will outgrow this stage and be our sweet boy again. (Not that you aren't sweet right now, most of the time you are, but sometimes your attitude takes over your sweetness.)
We love you buddy!!!!

Carlee & Isabel for Dr. Seuss Day

Katie & Jada for Dr. Seuss Day

Katie and Carlee for Crazy hat day

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