Monday, September 15, 2008

Sleepy Little Girl!!!!

So, this afternoon as I was checking my email, Katie was by me talking to me. I wasn't really paying attention to her, but a few minutes later, I looked over to see what she was doing, and this is how I found her!!!!
Why do I have a pack-n-play out when Katie is already 5??!! No, I don't usually keep it out. That is not where she sleeps!!!!! My sister-in-law, Melissa is here with my cute little niece London. That is why it's out!!!
I guess, Katie was done waiting for me to talk to her, so she decided to take a little snooze. Kindergarten must be wearing her out!!! And of course, she has her silky - we don't go anywhere without those!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Michelle & Andrew said...

how cute. i love it when they sleep. i have noticed that sydney gets way more tired on school days--all that learning i guess.