Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I guess it's about time for me to post again!! i am probably 2 months behind!! I've just been really busy.

Our summer is going GREAT!!!! Drazen got out of school on June 4th, and flew out to Idaho on June 9th to hang out with grandma and grandpa and the McMillans!!! He just got home last Tuesday, and he is ready to go back. He loves it up in Rexburg. He told us he wants to move there. (he wishes)

Braxton and Carlee are still in school. They are on track 5 so they get out next Thursday!!!! ABOUT TIME!!!! We can't really do much since they are still in school.

For Father's Day we Jeff's parents came into town for the weekend. It was an awesome weekend. We had so much fun hanging out with everyone.

The weekend of June 21st, Jeff, the kids and I went to Williams, AZ with some friends to their cabin. We had a great time. We just hung out, did a little of 4 wheeling, and of course FISHED!!! Can't go to a cabin by a lake or a river and not do any fishing!!! (lucky me)

Then on the 28th Brad and Mel left the Vegas family and moved up to Orem, UT. We already miss them and London so much.

So, needless to say it has been pretty crazy!!!!

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