Friday, October 16, 2009


Jeff and I celebrated 14 blissful years October 6th. For our anniversary, we thought it would be fun to go somewhere. So, we packed our bags, booked our flight, and hotel room (the night before we left) and on October 9th flew to Seattle for the weekend. Neither of us had ever been there, so we thought it would be fun to go. We had so much FUN!!! We took our first cab ride ever to the hotel, and from there we walked everywhere!!!! We spent half a day Friday and ALL day Saturday, just walking and sightseeing. It was so nice, we didn't have to worry about running here or there. Friday night, we met Jeff's friend for dinner. He took us to a restaurant where we can see the whole city at night!!!! The view was amazing!!!!!!
Saturday, we got up, and walked to the Space Needle. The view from there - WOW!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!! From the Space Needle, we walked to Pike's Place, and then to Pioneer Square. Pike's Place was great. There was so much to see. I was so amazed at everything, but probably at all the FRESH CUT flowers that were SO CHEAP!!! I wanted to bring bouquets home so bad. I so wish there was a way!!!! I wish we had that here!!!! Saturday evening we went to see Couple's Retreat!!! I thought the movie was hilarious!!!!
Sunday, we walked to the bookstore and just hung out til it was time to leave. I was really sad to leave, but excited to come home and see the kiddies.
Seattle is an amazing city!!! I loved all the fall colors. It was beautiful!!!!
The trip was awesome!!! Jeffy, thank you so much for everything that you do for our family. You are amazing, and I love you so much.


joellen said...

sounds like such fun ... couples need get-a-ways often!

Michelle and Andrew said...

fun! i love seatle. i need a get-a-way...but i think it might be a while since i am having another baby right? must be nice to be done! :)