Thursday, January 22, 2009

Goodbye 2008, HELLO 2009

We rang in the New Year, with family and friends this year. It was a lot of fun. We ate yummy foods, played games, and just hung out. What could be better???
I can't believe it's already 2009, and middle of January. Where are these days going??
I hate making resolutions, because I never stick to them, but I did tell myself that this year I am going to focus more on things that are important in life, and all the other stuff, well if I have time for it. We are enjoying spending time with our kids. They are in different activities. And I want to focus more on them. Katie is in kindergarten, and I want to help out in her classroom, and enjoy that time with her. Before I know it, she will be in middle school and then high school. And same with my other kids. They are all now involved in sports of some kind. The boys are in baseball, and Jeff has been taking them golfing quite a bit, Carlee is in gymnastics, and Katie (bird) is in ballet. And I want to enjoy those activities with them as well.

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joellen said...

I like your comment regarding time with your children. You're wise ... time goes so fast and I'm living proof!