Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baskin Robbins Night

Last Thursday was Baskin Robbins night for our school. We had teachers/PTA moms helping scoop ice cream. The turn out was great. We couldn't be happier. The money that was raised went on to fund 3rd grade level. It was a lot of fun. Jen and I helped, and we had a great time. Scooping ice cream is much harder than it looks. BELIEVE ME!!!!!


joellen said...

Hey, when I open my ice cream shop, you're both hired! And .... my sister has some adorable grandchildren!!

The Smith Family said...

YUMMY!! I think we should do a Baskin Robbins Night..sounds way good.

Can't wait to get the flyer for the decorations. I don't think we would even qualify, but what a GREAT idea!!!